About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission at TethrCo is to source and manufacture quality goods to our customers. Conservation and recycling are what we strive for in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to work with, help and support charities and non-profits with these same goals. We are always looking to work with, and support like minded groups. Please reach out!

Toe Tethers

I got the idea for creating some sort of flip-flop restraint in 2009. I was boating, and we had dry docked at a sandbar. When we were leaving I was tasked with pushing us out. Upon doing so, and jumping into the boat, I ended up losing one of my flip-flops. I was not pleased. Another light bulb moment came a year or two later when I was cycling. I was just out for a casual jaunt around the lake. During one push, my flip-flop slipped from the pedal, and flew from my foot. I did not crash, thankfully, but could have very easily. After that incident I got to work on trying to come up with something quick, and easy, that would fix this issue. After months of research, armed with some crude drawings and an idea, I filed for a patent in 2013. My patent was granted in 2018 (Patent: 10,070,684).

Please enjoy our products, and if you have any questions let us know!